Ivory Restaurant

Take a moment to observe and marvel at the wonder of the rainforest while you take a break at our Ivory Restaurant. You can slowly feel relaxed and at peace with nature while enjoying our finest international menu, within a walking distance you can take pictures with some of our exotic and charismatic birds, don’t forget to say hi to Bagong, Yacob and Lauren, you might be surprised when they answered you!

Forest Café

Enjoy a serene atmosphere in a rainforest setting where you can just sit and relax, sipping a cup of coffee or eat a various light snack and delicious gelato while watching the elephant idle by and hear the beautiful songbirds. This area is spacious, perfect for every occasion like family lunch or gathering, this area also hosts a meet and greet with the Orangutan.

Animalia Gift Shop

Do take a piece of our park and bring home with you with these fine memorabilia. Our high quality and merchandise are exclusively designed for Lombok Wildlife Park. We have a wide range of animal themed T-shirt, garment, dolls, toys, stationaries and many more for your likings.

Invinity Photo Service

With so many beautiful memories that you will make, let us preserve it in photos, our intuitive photographer will take a snap that is everlasting, summary of your beautiful memories of interaction with the animals, because every picture tells a story, and yours are beautiful.